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  • Dr. Gaddini has a 4.5/5 star rating on! “Dr Gaddini is a very intelligent and down to earth doctor. He talks with you not at you. Clearly very knowledgable and experienced. Not a beginner. Very pleasant personality. He is in demand. If by chance he is accepting new patients, dont hesitate. Make an appointment because he probably wont have an opening for very long. The staff was also nice, professional and respectful. I cant imagine anyone being disapointed with Dr Gaddini skills or his office and support personnel.”

  • Dr. Gaddini has a 3.5/4 star rating on!

    “Dr. Gaddini is like a friend – someone you can talk to about anything, and he will listen. I am grateful that I am a patient of his.”

    “This physician is 10X above any physician that I have had for service in the past.”

    “Doctor Gaddini has been my doctor for the past 20 years. He is an excellent doctor with great bedside manor and has been a good friend in my times of need.We are lucky to have him in our town.”


Message from Dr. Gaddini:

March 12th 2016

Dear Patients and Family Members,

Serving the Folsom community as a family physician has been my great pleasure these past 30 years. Getting to know and care for you and your family members has been a privilege; I treasure the many lifelong friendships I have developed. To say I’ve had a satisfying career only begins to speak of the gratitude I feel to be able to practice medicine on a daily basis.

After a prolonged period of discernment, I have decided to retire from the private practice of medicine effective June 15, 2016. Although a difficult decision, I made it made in consultation with family, friends, and spiritual advisors. I am retiring this year for several reasons. Managing a private medical practice is becoming increasingly complex and has taken an increasing toll on my physical and emotional health. I have a growing passion for Hospice and end of life care and desire to devote more of my time to this focus in medicine. Additionally, my parents are nearing the end of their lives and will likely not survive the year. In caring for them, I began reflecting on the later years of my life and want to explore new possibilities.

My practice will be merging with Elevation Physicians in Folsom. They are a group of young Family Physicians who remind me of myself 30 years ago. Drs. Jeff Hill and Gordon Marler  are committed to providing high quality medical care which is reflected in their Hill Physicians primary care patient satisfaction scores: they rank #6/180 in the Sacramento region, close to our office’s rank of #3/180. Many of our staff, including front office, back office, and family nurse practitioners, will be joining the staff of Elevation Physicians. The people you know and trust will be available to help with your transition. They will continue to provide the excellent care you have come to expect.

I will continue to see patients at our current location, 1600 Creekside Drive #3600, until June 15, 2016. Starting June 16, 2016, Elevation Physicians will be responsible for all care requests, medication refills, and follow up appointments. Between June 16 and October 31, 2016 I will be on sabbatical, returning November 1, 2016 to work with Elevation Physicians. My role will be mainly supervisory, two to three half days a week for several months. Please refer to the second page of this letter, COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS, for more information.

Although changing your medical home can be disrupting, we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition to your new medical home at Elevation Physicians.


Michael Gaddini MD